AM WhatsApp APK Download 2.60 Latest (June, 2024 Version)

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What is AM WhatsApp APK?

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AM WhatsApp APK is another modified version of the original WhatsApp with some different and excellent features as compared to other mods. It is the latest, instant, and fastest messaging application. AM WhatsApp is unique because many features are brand new in this mod that was not already available in any other mod. This WhatsApp mod is popular among people of Zambia, Jamaica, and Austria. Different versions of AM WhatsApp APK are available, but you should install the latest version on your device.

Additional Information

App NameAM WhatsApp APK
Size37 MB
Last UpdateFew Minutes ago

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General Features

  • This mod is ban-proof, therefore, cannot be banned
  • Support calls
  • Hide status and last seen of WhatsApp users
  • Enhanced privacy options are available in AM WhatsApp
  • Multiple theme options
  • DND (Do not Disturb mode) is available in AM WhatsApp like other mods
  • Capability to schedule messages and the auto-reply is present
  • You can hide your chats and conversations by enabling app lock (pattern lock)
  • You can send messages and phone calls to unknown numbers without saving them
  • If you are not familiar with the default language, you can translate messages in your language easily
  • You can send broadcasts to WhatsApp groups
  • You can easily download stories and statuses of your WhatsApp contacts
  • A theme server is available in AM WhatsApp APK with which you can download and apply themes
  • You can change the styles of ticks and bubbles according to your choice
  • The app contains 17 ticks and 17 bubble styles to choose from
  • You can view online status and last seen on the main screen
  • Can share larger videos of 50 MB instead of 16MB
  • Counter statistics for groups are available
  • You can share 90 images at once instead of 30 images with your AM WhatsApp
  • Now you can click on links on the chat screen without saving the sender number or group admins number
  • You can easily distinguish between normal WhatsApp messages and broadcast messages
  • You can hide the name and date when copying more than one message
  • You can copy your friend’s status with your AM WhatsApp
  • There is much more to discover by yourself when you use AM WhatsApp

Popular Features of AM WhatsApp

AMWhatsapp APK

Following are some of the popular features of AM WhatsApp:

  • On entering the talks, if the color screen is not fully displayed, the issue is fixed in this mod
  • In some devices erase VSATs are used to repair the system most often
  • The issue of automatic text inversion is fixed in the latest update
  • An exclusive feature is that it keeps the record of deleted messages
  • It can hide the images and videos from the studio
  • It has the option to hide the media (images and videos) viewed through the app path (open profile, any contact conversation, and display media)
  • You can activate the option to save any conversion as a compressed file and then share it
  • You can enable the message recognition as read from the notifications
  • You can activate the select all chats option on the home screen
  • You will have the ability to request and report your account information
  • You do not need to apply GB themes in your WhatsApp anymore
  • In some devices, there was an issue of not showing the notification of deleted messages. This issue is fixed in the updated mod
  • In some devices, the issue of applying themes is also fixed in the latest version
  • The problem of sending and sharing themes is also got resolved
  • Italian and Portuguese languages in the updated version
  • The latest version of AM WhatsApp APK is free from viruses

Record of Deleted Messages

Sometimes your friend sends you a message and deletes it. This can annoying when the message is deleted before your viewing. But now you can view the deleted messages any time with your latest version of ANWhatsApp.

Different Languages

The latest version contains Portuguese and Italian languages as well.

Message Translator

This feature is very useful for you if you are unfamiliar with a language. You can easily translate the messages in your language as this mod contains an In-built translator inside.

Theme Sending and Sharing Issue

There was an issue regarding theme sending and sharing in the previous versions of AM WhatsApp. This issue of theme sending and sharing got fixed in the latest update. Now you can easily send and share themes without any difficulty.

Theme Server

AM WhatsApp APK contains an In-built theme server with which you can download and apply your favorite theme if you are bored with the theme that you are using already.

Deleted Messages

In previous versions, there was an issue in some devices that the notification of deleted messages was not showing. This issue is also resolved now in the latest version of AM WhatsApp.

Distinction Between Normal WhatsApp messages and Broadcast Messages

With your AM WhatsApp, you can easily distinguish between normal WhatsApp messages and broadcast messages.

How to Download AM WhatsApp APK?

Like all other mods the original WhatsApp, AM WhatsApp is not available on the Google Play store. You need to download the latest version of AM WhatsApp APK from any trusted third-party website. You can also get your updated AM WhatsApp from the download link available in this article. Make sure to delete the original WhatsApp from your device and allow unknown sources from the settings. You must download and install the updated version of WhatsApp to get access to all the amazing latest features.

Install the APK, complete all the required fields, verify and start using your updated AM WhatsApp.


AM WhatsApp APK is an amazing WhatsApp mod instant messaging app with an Anti-ban security feature and many other features. There were some issues in the previous versions of this mod, but those issues got fixed in the latest version.

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