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WhatsApp plus has become popular among WhatsApp users for advanced features that are lacking in the official WhatsApp. Some of these features include saving your WhatsApp contact’s status, hiding your online status, and last active status. BT WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp plus with unique astonishing features.

btWhatsapp Apk

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What is BT WhatsApp APK?

BT WhatsApp is a new mod of the official WhatsApp developed by TahaQudsi. There are four copies of BT WhatsApp that are, blue, red, pink, and gold. Blue BT WhatsApp is an alternative to the original WhatsApp. All of these BT WhatsApp copies function next to the original WhatsApp with a second number.

Download Latest Version BTWhatsApp APK

   BT WHATSAPP APK Latest Version v18


BT WhatsApp Blue

This copy of BT WhatsApp is an alternative to the official WhatsApp.


Pink BT2 WhatsApp

This is called Pink WhatsApp because it has a pink theme for girls. You can use this mod next to the original WhatsApp with a second number.

Pink BT2 WhatsApp APK v18 Download

Gold BT3 WhatsApp

This is the most used and most popular version of BT WhatsApp APK. This has a gold theme and you can use it next to the original WhatsApp with a second number.

Golden BT3 WhatsApp APK v17.55 Download

Red BT4 WhatsApp

This is the fourth version of BT WhatsApp. It has a red theme and can run a fourth WhatsApp number.

Red BT4 WhatsApp APK v17.55 Download

What’s New in Updated BT WhatsApp APK?

BT WhatsApp

  • The updated version of BT WhatsApp contains new iPhone fonts
  • You can pause and resume audio notes
  • It gives your WhatsApp a new look with a new UI (User Interface) design
  • When media visibility is off, there is an option with which you can still save media (images and videos) to your phone gallery
  • There will appear a green circle around online contacts to highlight them
  • An option to control download by stopping auto-download
  • Facility to forward a message to 1000 members at once

FmWhatsapp APK Download

Top Features of BT WhatsApp

The top features of BT WhatsApp APK are mentioned-below:

  • You can use several WhatsApp accounts on a single device
  • You can turn off Wi-Fi for WhatsApp only
  • You can select an option with which you can set an auto-reply to the messages received in your WhatsApp
  • Message scheduler available
  • Like all other mods you can send messages and phone calls to unsaved numbers with your BT WhatsApp
  • Improved privacy control options such as hiding online status, last active status hiding blue ticks, second ticks can lock chats and app, hiding typing and recording status
  • You can select media that you want to download on your mobile phone

Several WhatsApp Accounts in Single Device

This is a great advantage that with your BT WhatsApp APK you can use several WhatsApp accounts on a single device at a time.

Turn Off WiFi for WhatsApp only

There is an option in BT WhatsApp APK with which you can turn off WiFi for WhatsApp only, while it will b be still on for the remaining apps on your device.

Auto-Reply Messages

You can enable the option of Auto-Reply messages to set an auto-reply that will be sent to the sender whenever a message is received on your WhatsApp.

Message Scheduler

You can enable a message scheduler to schedule messages to send to your contacts on a specific date and time. This feature will help you a lot if you have a very busy life routine.

Send Messages to Unsaved Contact Numbers

With your BT WhatsApp APK, you do not necessarily need to save a number to send messages. You just need to put the number, type the message and then send it.

Updated Privacy Options

BT WhatsApp APK comes with the best-updated privacy options. These privacy options provide you with the best control over your privacy such as you can hide your online status from your contacts but can view theirs. You can hide the blue tick and second tick during your WhatsApp chats. You can lock your BT WhatsApp app with different types of locks such as you can set a PIN, password, fingerprint, or pattern lock. You can also hide typing or recording status appearing on the screen of your friend with whom you are having a conversation. You can hide your chats from the main screen. No one can view your hidden chats.

Hide Media From Phone Gallery

In the original WhatsApp, there are only two options to choose from. You can download either all the media or you can stop all the media from being downloaded. Whereas in BT WhatsApp you can choose the media that you want to download.

Airplane Mode

You can put your WhatsApp on airplane mode if you do not want to receive any WhatsApp messages or phone calls on your WhatsApp. In this way, you can comfortably use other apps while not appearing online on WhatsApp.

Silent and Vibration Modes

You can put your WhatsApp on vibration mode and even on the silent mode just as you do for hour SIM calls and messages.

Requirements to Install BT WhatsApp APK

The following are requirements to install BT WhatsApp APK:

  • Mobile phone (Android device)
  • Wifi / Internet Connection
  • APK file of BT WhatsApp

The Installation Guide

Here is the complete guide with the help of which you can install your BT WhatsApp app on your Android device:

  • Uninstall the WhatsApp (Original version)
  • Allow all the required permissions, also allow apps from unknown sources
  • Download the new APK file of BT WhatsApp from any trusted third-party website or the link mentioned in this article
  • Install the APK file of BT WhatsApp
  • Fill the blank fields
  • Your new BT WhatsApp is now ready to use


The best thing about BT WhatsApp is that four different copies each with a different color are available. You can choose BT WhatsApp in your favorite color. You can download media (images and videos) of your choice to be downloaded in your phone gallery.

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