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Fouad WhatsApp APK

Fouad WhatsApp APK also called Fouad Mods is a modified version of the original WhatsApp with great features developed by Fouad Makdad. This mod contains many features that are also present in other mods of original WhatsApp, but this mod is much better than all for many reasons. WhatsApp users prefer to use Fouad WhatsApp among all other mods because of its improvised privacy options.

Significance of Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp contains many unique features which make this mod stand out among other mods. Some of these unique features include unique customization options, amazing multimedia features, enhanced privacy options, and much more. An amazing thing about Fouad WhatsApp is that it is not like other mods of WhatsApp which do not have regular updates. Fouad WhatsApp mod updates regularly to give its users a better communication experience. The latest version of Fouad WhatsApp is the best among all mods of the official WhatsApp because of its unique and amazing features.

Latest Version Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Free



Exclusive Features of Fouad WhatsApp APK

  • The exclusive features of Fouad WhatsApp are described below:
  • Fouad WhatsApp contains an Anti-ban system
  • The users of this mod share high-resolution images and videos easily
  • Fouad WhatsApp has an amazing option of Theme store, Emojis, and sticker packs which allows its users to customize their WhatsApp according to their interests
  • Feature of Anti-revoke messages and status is available
  • Many customized features to give its users a unique experience of messaging and conversations
  • Fouad WhatsApp provides its users with an option to send messages or calls without saving a contact number
  • You can disable the forward tag on WhatsApp forwarded messages
  • An option to block calls for Individual WhatsApp contacts is available in this mod
  • DND mod is an advanced feature of Fouad WhatsApp mod

Fouad Whatsapp APK Feature

Most Important Features of Fouad WhatsApp APK

The most important features of Fouad WhatsApp APK are mentioned below:

The Anti-ban System

The Anti-ban System of Fouad WhatsApp is an important feature of this mod which means that third-party developers will not let you be banned by WhatsApp officials. Some other WhatsApp mods are also using this system of Anti-ban. Now, Fouad WhatsApp users also do not need to worry about banning because this mod also contains an Anti-ban mechanism.

High-Resolution Images and Video Sharing Feature

In original WhatsApp, the quality of image or video is decreased, whenever a media is shared. However, this issue is now resolved in the Fouad WhatsApp mod. You can share high-resolution images and videos in the Fouad WhatsApp mod. With the updated version of Fouad WhatsApp, you can share 1GB of files and more than 10 images at a time easily.

Theme Store, Sticker Packs, and Emojis

The latest version of the Fouad WhatsApp APK theme store is available which allows its users to customize their WhatsApp according to their interests. You can download your favorite themes from the theme store and apply them to design your WhatsApp that suits your needs. You can make your WhatsApp chats and conversations effective and interesting by using sticker packs and customized sticker packs. This option of sticker packs lets you make your conversation time fun. You can download sticker packs from the play store as well and use them in the Fouad WhatsApp mod. You can download as many sticker packs as you want and apply them in your WhatsApp chats. A variety of interesting Emojis is available on Fouad WhatsApp.

Anti-Revoke Messages and Status Feature Added

A great feature of the Fouad WhatsApp mod is Anti-revoke messages and status. This feature allows you to view the deleted messages without any trouble. Many times it happens that WhatsApp messages may be deleted accidentally or even if you delete them consciously, this amazing feature of Fouad WhatsApp let you view them. You can also view the WhatsApp statuses of your contacts if they have deleted their WhatsApp statuses before you can view them.

Customization Features

Fouad WhatsApp comes with many customization features which allow you to customize your app according to your needs and interests.

DND Mode

DND mode is an amazing option of Fouad WhatsApp with which you can put your WhatsApp on Airplane mode and enjoy using all the other apps on your mobile phone without being distracted by WhatsApp calls and messages.

Call Block Option

Fouad WhatsApp provides its users with an option to block the annoying calls you receive on your WhatsApp and make the usage of this app convenient.

Remove Forward Message Tag

A very cool feature available in Fouad WhatsApp is that you can disable the forward tag option in settings. In this way, when you forward a message, the forward tag will not appear in the receiver’s WhatsApp conversation.

No Need to Save the Contact Number to Send Messages or Calls

A time-saving feature of Fouad WhatsApp is that you do not need to save a number in your contact list if you want to send a WhatsApp message or a WhatsApp call.

What’s New in Fouad WhatsApp APK?

Below-mentioned features of Fouad WhatsApp are new and available in the latest version of this mod.

  • Base updates
  • Updated Anti-ban mechanism
  • The design of settings is changed
  • The backup feature is available in the updated version
  • The facility to add custom stickers is available
  • Bugs fixed
  • Crashes fixed
  • Fouad WhatsApp users will have a smooth experience with the new update

Installation Guide

A step-by-step guide to help you to install Fouad WhatsApp on your Android device is described below:

  • Download the APK file of the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp from a trusted third-party website or you can download the APK file from the download link available in this blog.
  • Enable the installation from unknown sources from the settings in your device, which will allow the installation of this mod
  • After downloading the APK file of Fouad WhatsApp, go and find it in the downloaded files of your mobile phone
  • Tap to install the Fouad WhatsApp mod on your device and wait for a few seconds
  • Once the installation process of Fouad WhatsApp APK is complete successfully, complete all the requirements, open the app and start using this amazing communication WhatsApp mod


  1. Is Fouad WhatsApp safe?

Answer. Yes, Fouad WhatsApp is safe and secure that all other mods because its updated version is bugs fixed and comes with an Anti-ban mechanism. You can conveniently use this mod without having a fear of being banned.


Here, in this blog, we have described all the features and qualities of Fouad WhatsApp APK which make it stand out among all the other mods of original WhatsApp. If you want to use a messaging app without having a fear of being banned, then Fouad WhatsApp can be good for you as it has an Anti-ban mechanism. Also, you can enjoy advanced customization features because Fouad WhatsApp updates regularly. The best advice is to download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp APK if you love enjoying all the modern and updated features of WhatsApp.

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