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GT WhatsApp APK Story

WhatsApp users are always in search of the best and most advanced version with updated features. They want something to help them in their privacy protection to secure their chats along with many different additional features. Recovering deleted messages had always been a problem for years. It does not pose a good feeling.

GT Whatsapp APK

No doubt, original WhatsApp is best, but it lacks many features that the modifications have. Users have to move professionally to the mods because of many benefits they provide along with privacy protection.

Sometimes, while deleting previous messages, we delete some important messages unintentionally that we don’t want to. We feel frustrated because we cannot recover them. But now a solution to this issue is available. That is GT WhatsApp. GT WhatsApp is a nee modified version of the original WhatsApp that comes with the facility to recover the deleted messages. In addition, it has many other useful features too. Many features are in still in process and will appear in next updates.

Additional Information

App NameGT WhatsApp APK
File size2 MB
DeveloperBeijing Kuaiyi Technology
Current versionv1.0
Last Update3 Days Ago

DOWNLOAD GT WhatsApp APK 2022 Version

What is GT WhatsApp?

GT WhatsApp is a cross-platform to send and receive messages, images, and videos to and from mobile devices, tablets, and computers. It was developed by Beijing KuaiYi Technology. This mod is updating day by day with many new and useful features.


Some important features of GT WhatsApp APK include:

  • Ability to restore and recover the deleted messages
  • The Anti-ban feature is available
  • Stylish colorful themes
  • Two WhatsApp accounts on the same device
  • Modification features
  • The media sharing limit
  • Enhanced privacy options
  • Status Character limit
  • Users can hide their statuses, while still viewing the statuses of their friends and other contacts

Message Restoring Option

GB WhatsApp APK has an option with which you can recover your deleted messages, chats, and conversations. This option saves you from the frustration that you may get by accidentally deleting some important messages.


It has an anti-ban feature that prevents banning from the original WhatsApp like FmWhatsapp APk.

Stylish Themes

This mod of WhatsApp contains many stylish and colorful themes to give your WhatsApp a unique look.

Two WhatsApp Accounts – Same Device

You can use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same device while using this mod of the original WhatsApp.

Modification Features

You can do any type of modification in your GT WhatsApp to make it more useful according to your interest. It allows you to modify the color schemes, themes, colors, and styles of the icons.

You can hide your status, but can still check the statuses of your contacts. You can modify notification tones.

The Media Sharing Limit

With your GT WhatsApp, you can easily share 10 MB images and videos. The media sharing capacity is improving with time

Enhanced Privacy Options

GT WhatsApp contains almost all of the privacy options that a user may need.

Status Character Limit

You can upload status of about 250 characters with your GT WhatsApp. This feature is in phase of further improvement.

GB WhatsApp – A Message Recovery App

GT WhatsApp is recognized as a message recovery app because it provides its user a great feature to recover deleted messages.

Essential Requirements to Install the GT WhatsApp

Following are the few essential requirements to install the latest version of the GT WhatsApp

  • Android device (mobile phone), a tablet, or a Computer
  • Wifi or internet connection
  • New APK of this mod of the WhatsApp

Downloading And Installation Process

GT WhatsApp is not available on the Google Play store. You can download this modified version of WhatsApp from any trusted third-party website.

Following is a step-by-step process to install this mod.

  • Delete or uninstall the original WhatsApp from your device
  • Allow the needed permissions
  • Enable “Unknown Sources”
  • Download the APK from the link given in this blog
  • Save the APK file
  • Now double click on it to install
  • Complete all the required fields
  • The app is now ready and you can use it

Difference Between the Original WhatsApp and the GT WhatsApp

Following are some most prominent differences between the Original WhatsApp and the GT WhatsApp:

Original WhatsApp

GT WhatsApp

No option to recover the deleted messagesOption to recover the deleted messages
The status characters limit is 139 characters onlyThe status characters limit is increased to 250 characters
No option to use more than one accountsUsers can use more than one account in the same device easily
No variety of stylish themesA large no. stylish themes are available
Very limited customization featuresWide customization features
Available on Google Play storeNot available on the Google Play store
Limited media sharing capacityEnhanced media sharing capacity


The feature of the GT WhatsApp to recover the deleted messages, chats and conversations makes it very useful. I recommend using this mod of WhatsApp because of this great feature.

Download and install this app from a trusted third-party website to avoid any viruses or malware. Have a great journey into the world of chats and conversations with many stylish themes and fonts. No need to worry about the fear of being banned from the original WhatsApp because it comes with an Anti-ban feature.

If you have the experience of this mod once, you will never switch to any other mod or any other messaging app. You need to update your GT WhatsApp, whenever an update is available. In this you can enjoy all the latest features of this mod.

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