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Pub WhatsApp is the most famous free Whtsapp mod with many unique features that you can easily install and use on your Android device. Download the latest version to get the updated functions of your WhatsApp. Its main purpose is to simplify the conversion with friends by chatting back and forth through a Webhook. The communication takes place by a simple HTTP request that is initiated from both ends. This app does not require any other communication protocol.

The API of WhatsApp Webhook does not support the verification process of phone numbers via phone numbers. Therefore, we need to establish our mechanism of verifying the user. This process needs to be done on both ends of the communication, i.e. mobile app and web server.

Two processes need to take place:

  • The Pub WhatsApp app comes with a very unique ID for its user, that needs to be established on both ends of the communication.
  • Both ends of the communication would need to verify this unique ID, every time a user wants to chat with the bot.

Additional Information

App NamePub WhatsApp
Size51.27 MB
Last Update3 Hours Ago

DOWNLOAD PubWhatsApp APK v40 2022 Version

Auth System

A simple Auth system (Auth0) is used in the Pub WhatsApp mod to establish a unique Webhook ID (website name) and Auth0 again to create a code that is the Auth code to verify the user on a mobile device.

Pub Whatsapp APk

The Process of the Working of Pub WhatsAppWebhook API

The API of the Pub WhatsApp app is HTTP-based. This API only supports GET requests. Download the API. Every time a user begins to chat with the bot, a GET request is sent from the client to the server. This request is used as the first step of verification. This is a really useful step. Then the bot will return some random strings as a response that is the Auth code. This same string (Auth0) will be required by the mobile app.

But if the mobile app makes another request with the same Auth code as the response, then it is ensured that it is really that user, and this unique ID for the user is now established. So, now we have a way to verify both ends of the communication.

What is X-WhatsApp-Chastid?

When a request is created to the API system by Pub WhatsApp, it is known as X-WhatsApp-Chastid. It is a unique ID for that conversation. This assists in identifying what chat to associate with.

Unique Features of Pub WhatsApp APK

Pub WhatsApp APK has the following unique features:

  • Avoid spam bots smartly
  • Avoid annoying advertisements
  • App lock for enhanced security
  • An easy and safe way to find and meet the family members and friends
  • Ability to make calls to unknown numbers easily by utilizing some tools
  • The latest version of the app contains the reaction feature
  • Ability to pause and resume voice notes recordings
  • Feature to translate messages
  • Option of instantly block and read
  • Option of “Mark as read” available”
  • Feature to view the copied messages
  • Privacy options for last seen and profile photo
  • Feature to set “Web search” available
  • Option to control the location and duration of its notification
  • Ability to change the color and bubble of the chat
  • Option to manage all chats with a quick message option
  • Option to change the style of notification
  • Option to customize the name of the app
  • Can color names in WhatsApp groups
  • Lot of animated stickers to keep the conversion interesting
  • Option to download the status of your saved contacts without being notifying them
  • Feature to change background with attractive ones
  • Can be installed both on Android devices and computers

Download and Install Guide

Follow the following steps to download Pub WhatsApp APK.

  • Uninstall the original WhatsApp app
  • Go to security settings on your device and allow “Unknown Sources”
  • Tap the provided link to download the Pub WhatsApp APK
  • Find the downloaded file from your device and open it
  • Tap to install the app
  • Keep waiting until the installation is complete
  • Once done, open the app, and start enjoying the advanced features of the latest version of the Pub WhatsApp app

Comparison of Official WhatsApp and Pub WhatsApp APK

Original WhatsApp

Pub WhatsApp

It does not contain an option to set “Web search”It contains anoption to set “Web search”
No option to change the style of the notificationOption to change the style of the notification
Cannot view copied messagesFeature to view the copied messages present
Cannot color names in WhatsApp groupsCan color names in WhatsApp groups
No feature to translate the messagesFeature to translate the messages
Cannot control the location of the notificationCan control the location of the notification
No message scheduling option availableMessage scheduling feature available
Cannot customize the name of the WhatsApp appCan customize the name of this mod of the WhatsApp


Pub WhatsApp APK is the most popular modified version of WhatsApp that comes with advanced customized privacy options. You can make your Whtsapp app colorful and attractive by applying a stylish theme from the store. It is a mod app with an Anti-ban feature and you can easily restore and back up the chat-data.

A highly recommended mod of WhatsApp to use, if you are thinking of switching your chat app. You will enjoy your experience of messaging due to the many funny and colorful features that come with this. Your chat display will turn into a new look. If you are already using an older version of Pub WhatsApp, uninstall it, because older versions no longer support new amazing features. You need to install the latest version of this mod to use the updated features.

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