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WAP WhatsApp APK

WAP WhatsApp APK is a new modified version of the original WhatsApp with exciting features. This mod of WhatsApp is very interesting because its development is not based on the stable version like most mods but the betting version released by the North American Company. It functions to preserve all the features of the existing native app with some additional features. With WAP WhatsApp you can do whatever you want with WhatsApp such as messaging, chatting, audio calls, video calls, etc. This mod is a great useful tool for networking and communication.

NameWAP WhatsApp APK
Required Android Version4.0+
Size40.7 MB
Last UpdatedFew Minutes Ago

WAP Whatsapp APK Download v16

In this article, we will provide you with all the information about WAP WhatsApp APK. So, if you are looking for the best mod of WhatsApp to install on your mobile phone, read this article completely. Furthermore, if you want to install WAP WhatsApp on your phone, we will provide you with a download link in this article and an installation guide. So, stay connected till the end of the article.

So, let’s discuss the unique features of WAP WhatsApp APK.

Unique Features of WAP WhatsApp APK

The unique features of WAP WhatsApp are mentioned below.

  • WAP WhatsApp APK is a trial version of the official WhatsApp
  • This mod has a high app rating score
  • There are four different types of WAP WhatsApp available in the market for download
  • WAP WhatsApp allows you to hide your last seen from your WhatsApp contacts while you can still view their last seen
  • WAP WhatsApp comes with a nice-looking user interface which you can further customize by applying beautiful colors, fonts, themes, and other different options
  • An important thing about WAP WhatsApp is that it supports multiple user interfaces
  • You can put a 250 characters status on your WAP WhatsApp
  • WAP WhatsApp allows you to share 90 images to your WhatsApp contacts simultaneously
  • You can send a 50 MB video file at once via your WAP WhatsApp
  • A huge collection of Emojis and stickers is available in the latest version of WAP WhatsApp
  • You can use WAP WhatsApp APK with original WhatsApp on the same device without any trouble
  • Facility to copy the statuses of your contacts is available in WAP WhatsApp APK
  • A unique feature of WAP WhatsApp APK is that it supports tag and bubble mode
  • New features are frequently added with each update as per user needs and requirement
  • WAP WhatsApp is an ad. Free, fast, and stable mod of WhatsApp
  • There is an option to counter group messages available in the latest version of WAP WhatsApp APK
  • Privacy and security are ensured by the availability of an In-built app lock
  • WAP WhatsApp users are provided with the facility to hide their important WhatsApp chats and conversations
  • Anti-delete message and Anti-delete status options available in WAP WhatsApp
  • DND mod or Airplane mode is a great feature that is available in the updated version of WAP WhatsApp APK
  • Improvised privacy features including hiding blues tick, second tick, typing status, voice recording status during a WhatsApp conversation, hiding your online status and status view are available in WAP WhatsApp

WAP WhatsApp APK Long

Some Important Features of WAP WhatsApp APK in Detail

Here we are discussing some of the most important features of WAP WhatsApp APK in detail.

Unique UI (User Interface) and Customization Features

Are you tired of using the boring user interface of the official WhatsApp? If you are fond of using a beautiful, and stylish user interface, then WAP WhatsApp APK is for you. In this mod of WhatsApp, you can create and decorate the UI (User Interface) by using attractive themes, unique fonts, stylish wallpapers, and beautiful colors. You can also add custom themes, logos, patterns, bubbles, blue flags, and much more to give your user interface a nice look.

WAP WhatsApp APK is a fully customizable mod, and you can also download your favorite theme from an In-built WhatsApp library and apply it to your WhatsApp. There are more than 150 themes available in the WAP WhatsApp library that you can use. Over 50 logos are available you can change them with the WAP WhatsApp mod logo.

App lock /Chat Lock

WAP WhatsApp APK comes with an in-built app lock and chat-lock. You can lock your app by setting a PIN, password, or pattern. You can also hide your chats and conversations by enabling an option available in WAP WhatsApp. There is a feature to apply multiple locks to multiple WhatsApp chats available in this mod.

Anti-Delete Status and Anti-delete Message options

The options of Anti-delete status and Anti-delete message are available in the latest version of WAP WhatsApp which allows you to read the deleted statuses and messages if they are deleted by the sender before you can view them.

Hide/Freeze Last Seen Status

WAP WhatsApp APK provides its users with the facility to hide or freeze their last seen status on WhatsApp from their contacts while they can still view their last seen statuses.

Flight Mode/DND Mode

Flight mode or DND (Do not Disturb) mode is the best option available in any WhatsApp mod. This great feature is also available In-built in WhatsApp APK. When the flight mode or DND mode of WAP WhatsApp is enabled, it allows you to use all the other apps on your mobile phone without being disturbed by WhatsApp messages or calls.

Installation Guide

This is the detailed installation guide that will help you to install WAP WhatsApp APK on your device easily.

  • To install WAP WhatsApp on your mobile phone, first of all, you need to go to the settings of your mobile phone and allow unknown sources
  • Now download the APK file of the latest version of WAP WhatsApp from the download link available in this blog
  • Locate the downloaded APK file of WAP WhatsApp in the file manager of the mobile phone and click on it to install it
  • Wait for some time until the installation process of WAP WhatsApp is complete
  • Once the installation of WAP WhatsApp is done, fill all the required fields, complete the verification process through OTP and start using your WAP WhatsApp and have a wonderful messaging journey


Q1. What is WAP WhatsApp APK?

Answer. WAP WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp with some unique and additional features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. The nicely looking user interface of WAP WhatsApp is an attractive feature for WhatsApp lovers.


WAP WhatsApp is an alternative, better, and easier version for Android users. The updated version of this mod comes with a unique UI (User Interface) and amazing customization options to give it a nice and stylish look as per your interest. Privacy options provided by this mod are much better which makes this app more stable and reliable. You can install WAP WhatsApp on your mobile phone from the download link available in this blog by following the steps mentioned in the installation guide. This is all you need to know about WAP WhatsApp, if you have any queries or questions, you can contact us.

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