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WhatsApp Gold APK

WhatsApp Gold APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp with unique and astonishing features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. This mod can be used as an alternative to the original WhatsApp for messaging, sharing media (images and videos), and making audio and video calls. If you are bored of using the same official WhatsApp for so long and thinking of switching to a modified version, but confused about choosing the best nod, you don’t need to at all. We are here to assist solve your all problems related to the selection of the best mod that meets all your requirements.

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In this article, we will provide you with all the information about WhatsApp gold APK. WhatsApp Gold is a new modified version of the official WhatsApp for Android users with unlimited exciting features. This mod is a trusted messaging app being used by millions of WhatsApp users. WhatsApp Gold is available for different operating systems such as Android, Windows, and iOS. It is one of the most famous mod apps with exciting features and the no. of users is growing every day.

Features of WhatsApp Gold APK

Following are some of the best features of WhatsApp Gold APK.

  • WhatsApp Gold allows you to hide your appearance while using the app and gives you full privacy
  • With WhatsApp Gold, you can write a longer status of 255 characters instead of 130 characters
  • Multiple customization features are offered by WhatsApp Gold to its users such as editing the color of fonts, backgrounds, and windows
  • Two digital operations in two different WhatsApp accounts on one mobile phone are possible
  • WhatsApp Gold users can share 90 images simultaneously instead of 30 images
  • You can share a videos file of size up to 30 MB instead of 15 MB
  • WhatsApp Gold provides multiple ways of locking and securing What chats and app
  • The anti-Revoke feature is available in WhatsApp Gold APK
  • WhatsApp Gold contains the Auto-Reply feature
  • The amazing time-saving feature of the message scheduler is also available in the WhatsApp Gold mod
  • Multiple language support is available in WhatsApp Gold and you can select languages from Hindi, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian
  • Do-not-know-receipt or hiding second tick feature is available in WhatsApp Gold APK
  • WhatsApp Gold allows you to hide your last seen status from your WhatsApp contacts while you can still view their last seen status
  • The updated version of WhatsApp Gold comes with improved privacy features such as hiding blue tick, second tick, typing, and audio recording status in WhatsApp conversation
  • You can also hide the status view from the settings of your WhatsApp Gold
  • A secret conversation feature is available that allows you to chat with anyone without revealing the details
  • WhatsApp Gold allows you to customize the UI (User Interface) according to your interest such as applying your favorite theme, setting your favorite wallpaper, changing the color of font, changing font styles, and much more
  • Anti-delete message and Anti-delete status features are also available in WhatsApp Gold
  • A feature to customize messages is available which allows you to arrange your WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp Gold APK Pure

Some features of WhatsApp Gold APK in Detail

Now we are discussing some most important features of WhatsApp Gold in detail.

Enhanced Privacy options

WhatsApp Gold comes with enhanced privacy options such as you can secure your important and secret WhatsApp chats and conversations by hiding them. More privacy options include hiding blue tick, second tick, typing status, and voice recording status during a WhatsApp conversation. You can also hide your online active status and the status view from your WhatsApp contacts on WhatsApp Gold APK.

Customization Options

WhatsApp Gold access to its users to amazing customization options. They can customize themes according to their interests, set their favorite wallpaper, create icons for WhatsApp groups with their favorite color, and can change the size and style of font.

The most attractive golden theme Is available to make your WhatsApp look charming and attractive.

Customization of Messages

A unique feature available in the latest version of WhatsApp Gold is to customize WhatsApp messages. This feature allows you to arrange your WhatsApp conversations while receiving a large no. of messages on your WhatsApp, this will show you the interface of those messages which are enabled.

Sharing Large Size Media

WhatsApp users are often found complaining about the quality of the quality issues of the media shared via the official WhatsApp. If these files are transferred without compression, their size may restrict the file transfer. This issue is resolved in WhatsApp Gold. You can share large-size media in original quality without compression. You can easily share large videos at once via WhatsApp Gold

Image Sharing

With WhatsApp Gold APK you can share large no. of photos at once to your WhatsApp contacts without any difficulty. With original WhatsApp, you can only share up to 30 images at once, while with WhatsApp Gold you can easily share 90 images to your contacts at once.

Anti-Delete Status and Anti-delete Message options

WhatsApp Gold contains an anti-delete message and status options with which you can view and read WhatsApp statuses and messages that have been deleted by the sender before you can view them. But with WhatsApp Gold not only you can view them but can also reply to those statuses and messages.

Auto-Reply and Message Scheduler

Auto-Reply and Message scheduler are the two best and most useful features available in any WhatsApp mod. Both these features are also available in the updated version of WhatsApp Gold. Now you do not need to worry if you cannot send a message or cannot reply to a message on time due to your busy schedule. Auto reply and message scheduler features will perform these tasks for you on WhatsApp Gold.

Installation Guide

Here is the installation guide that will help you to install WhatsApp Gold on your mobile phone without any difficulty.

  • To install WhatsApp Gold on your mobile phone, first of all, allow unknown sources from the settings in your device
  • Download the APK file of the latest version of WhatsApp Gold from the download link available in this article
  • Locate the downloaded APK file of WhatsApp Gold in the file manager of your device and click on it to install it
  • Wait for some time until the installation process of WhatsApp Gold is complete
  • Once the installation of WhatsApp Gold is done, fill all the required fields, complete the verification process through OTP and start using your WhatsApp Gold


Q2. Where can I get my WhatsApp Gold?

Answer. You can download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold from the download link available in this blog easily.


In this article, we have discussed the features and functionalities of WhatsApp Gold and provided you with all the necessary information. If you want to install this mod on your phone, the download link is given above, click and follow the instructions shared in the installation guide. Happy golden messaging.

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