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WhatsApp Plus APK

When mobile devices came into the hands of people, communication through messaging apps brought a revolution. In reality, it changed the whole scenario of doing things. However, a critical need for the security of communication through messaging apps arose. This need made people think to create new and useful solutions. This is the reason, that brought WhatsApp into the market and it rose to the heights of popularity. There are almost one billion users of WhatsApp around the World.

However, in this blog, we will discuss WhatsApp plus which contains more features and functions in comparison to the official WhatsApp. WhatsApp plus comes with an end-to-end encryption feature for WhatsApp messages and chats. Moreover, using this app doesn’t cost you any charges so you can use it without being stressed about paying for it.

App NameWhatsApp Plus APK
Version v17.52
Size64 MB
Last UpdateFew Hours Ago

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What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus APK was introduced in the market in 2012. The developer of this app created it by modifying the original WhatsApp. He changed the basic code of the app and introduced a new modified user interface for this app. He changed the green logo of WhatsApp to gold and added more features and functions. You will enjoy every feature of the original WhatsApp as well.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK are described below:

  • You can choose your favorite theme from a variety of themes available in your WhatsApp Plus
  • New and stylish emoticons are added to the collection
  • WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide your WhatsApp status
  • You can share a file of size up to 50 MB with your WhatsApp Plus
  • You can delete and clear all the unnecessary messages, chats, and extra stuff you want to get rid of
  • WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide recording status
  • WhatsApp Plus comes with an Auto-reply feature
  • You can enjoy unlimited stylish wallpapers on your WhatsApp plus
  • WhatsApp plus offers you a feature of history and logs
  • You can enjoy different and amazing fonts and styles
  • It allows you to share large-size files, HD quality images, 50 MB videos, 100 MB audio file

WhatsApp Plus APK

Important Features of WhatsApp Plus

Some Important features of WhatsApp Plus APK

Variety of Themes

WhatsApp Plus comes with a variety of themes that provides you with the facility to choose your favorite theme from the theme collection. You can choose and set a theme that suits your need and mood.

Amazing Emotions

Although a collection of emotions is available in the original WhatsApp, however, some more stylish and unique emotions are added to the collection in WhatsApp Plus to make your conversations effective.

Hiding Options

With your WhatsApp Plus, you can hide your WhatsApp status from others, while you can still view the WhatsApp statuses of your contacts. It also allows you to hide audio recording status during WhatsApp conversations.


There is a feature in WhatsApp Plus with which you can delete all the unnecessary messages, and chats, and clear all the extra stuff you want to get rid of. This feature also makes space in your WhatsApp for more important data.

Feature of History and Logs

With this great feature, you can keep a record of each activity performed on your WhatsApp account. This feature is very important and worthwhile to use.

Auto Reply Feature

Original WhatsApp offers this feature only to Business WhatsApp users. However, you can enjoy the Auto-Reply feature if you are a user of WhatsApp Plus. This feature saves your time and saves you from. Unnecessary anxiety that you may suffer from not replying on time.

Fonts and Styles

Many people may get bored if they use the same thing for a long time. The same is the case with fonts and styles. People may get bored with the same fonts used in chats and conversations.

WhatsApp Plus provides you with a variety of fonts and styles and you can set and use your favorite font if you are bored of the font already available on your WhatsApp.


You can enjoy unlimited amazing and beautiful wallpapers in your WhatsApp chats that come in WhatsApp Plus. Unique WhatsApp gives an amazing look to your WhatsApp chat screen and makes the chat time fun and effective.

Advanced File Sharing Options

WhatsApp Plus offers advanced file sharing options with which you can share HD images, videos of size 50 MB, and audio file sizes of up to 100 MB.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus is not available on Google Play or play store and you need to download it from a trusted third-party website.

The steps to download and install WhatsApp Plus APK are mentioned below:

  • Backup your WhatsApp messages and all the important data
  • To install WhatsApp Plus, uninstall the original WhatsApp from your mobile phone
  • Download the APK file of WhatsApp Plus from the download link given in this blog
  • Go to the downloaded files, find the APK of WhatsApp plus, open it to install
  • Now install WhatsApp Plus on your phone
  • Complete all the steps, such as OTP, and name entry, and after that, you are ready to go
  • Restore your WhatsApp data


Advantages and Disadvantages

Following are the advantages of WhatsApp Plus.

  • WhatsApp Plus provides its users with advanced privacy options and end-to-end encryption of their chats and conversations
  • Facility to share large-sized files in a single click
  • Facility to keep a record of history and logs
  • You can get rid of unnecessary data by deleting and clearing unwanted messages and chats


Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus

Following are some disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus.

  • Slower updates are an annoying disadvantage of WhatsApp plus because the procedures of this app are not regularly releasing updates and you have to wait for months for new updates.
  • This app is not available on the Google Play store because Google has removed it from the play store after DMCA takedown. However, it is still available on various other platforms. So there can be an issue with the legality and authenticity of this app.
  • You should be cautious while using this app because it is a modified version and can leak your private conversations to third parties.


  1. What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

Answer. WhatsApp Plus is one of the most popular mods of the original WhatsApp that is being used by millions of WhatsApp users. It contains many added features and functionalities that are not available in the official WhatsApp. It is one of the cheapest and most user-friendly messaging apps available.


WhatsApp Plus, a modified version of the original, is the simplest and cheapest way to connect with friends, family, and relatives. This mod provides its users a user-friendly experience by providing access to a wide variety of themes, wallpapers, fonts, and styles. It comes with advanced file sharing and updated privacy options. We recommend you to install this app for an amazing experience if you have an intention to switch from the original WhatsApp. Install WhatsApp Plus on your Android device and be ready for a great messaging journey.

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