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GM WhatsApp APK

The privacy policies of WhatsApp make it impossible for the users to download other’s statuses and to hide their last active, therefore the popularity of the apps like WhatsApp plus has increased tremendously. One of such apps is GM WhatsApp APK by Jehad Al-Demshki. You will have full control over all the privacy features if you download the latest version of the GM WhatsApp APK. You will also get access to the iPhone theme of WhatsApp.

GM WhatsApp APK is a mod that is very popular among people in different countries such as Colombia, Pakistan, and Ecuador.

Additional Information

App NameGM WhatsApp APK
Size62 MB
Requirements4.0 and Above
Last UpdateFew Minutes Ago

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What is GM WhatsApp?

GM WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp with advanced features. Jehad Al-Demshki developed different versions of GM WhatsApp which contain many different features. Among these features include permission to change the theme of WhatsApp

Gm Whatsapp APk

How to Download GM WhatsApp APK?

Downloading GM WhatsApp APK requires you to delete and uninstall the original WhatsApp. Therefore, you must delete the original WhatsApp. You can download this mod on your Android device, laptop, or personal computer. You can download your GM WhatsApp from a trusted third-party website, as it is not available on the Google Play store. Remember to allow unknown sources on your device before downloading this mod.

Update to GM WhatsApp Pro

If you want to update your WhatsApp to GM WhatsApp Pro you need to download its latest version. You can backup your messages and other data.

The Updated Features in the Latest Version

Following are the new updates in the latest version of the GM WhatsApp APK:

  • Users can view all the messages from a member of the group. They need to click on the name of the group member and choose “View all the messages”
  • You can save media to your phone gallery when the visibility of media is turned off.
  • New user interface (UI) for the profile of the contacts.

Best Features of GM WhatsApp APK

Following are some of the best features of GM WhatsApp APK:

  • If you like the iPhone WhatsApp theme, then it is worthwhile to download GM WhatsApp for you. The second version of GM WhatsApp contains an iPhone theme as the main theme, whereas the remaining versions have custom features to customize with an iPhone theme from GM Adds.
  • This version contains the option to view “once view” media multiple times.
  • You can hide your last active and “online status” easily.
  • Hide that you viewed your friend’s status.
  • It has the option to prevent deleting messages and statuses.
  • It contains many additional privacy features which include hiding blue tick, second tick, typing, and recording
  • With the latest version of GM WhatsApp APK you can save “once view” media to your device and view it many times.
  • This version has the option to lock the app with a pattern, pin, or fingerprint from settings. You can also make the pattern visible or invisible. The option to disable the pattern vibration is also present. There is a feature to set the recovery question.
  • It has customization settings for notifications, for example, you will be notified if someone has changed the profile picture.
  • You can move the navigation bar downward to use the app easily and conveniently
  • GM WhatsApp mod has a theme store that has more than 4032 attractive and stylish themes. You can change the theme that best suits your mood and interest. This mod also contains a theme category, where you can find your favorite theme if you didn’t find it in the theme store.
  • The app comes with different beautiful animations. You can control the intensity of the animation and can speed up or slow down the animation. It also contains an option to apply draw-able animation. You can also enable or disable the animation effect.
  • GM WhatsApp mode provides its users with five different types of Emoji variants, which they can download and apply to make their contributions more effective.

Some Additional Features of GM WhatsApp APK

There are some more features mentioned below:

  • Users can activate dark mode
  • Option to turn off the internet connection from WhatsApp only
  • This mod comes with options to auto-send messages and schedules messages
  • Users will have full control over media visibility

Comparison of Original WhatsApp and GM WhatsApp

Below is a comparison of the original WhatsApp and GM

Original WhatsApp

GM WhatsApp

Cannot turn off internet connection from WhatsApp onlyCan turn off the internet connection from WhatsApp only
No feature to auto-send messages or schedule messages is availableFeatures to auto-send messages and schedule messages are available
No option to hide blue ticksOption to hide blue ticks present
No option to customize the notification settingsOption to customize the notification settings is available
Only one type of lock “fingerprint” is available so farThree types of locks are available such as pin, password,and fingerprint
Limited privacy optionsEnhanced privacy options are available
No option to view the “once view” media multiple timesYou can save “once view” media in your device gallery and view it multiple times


GM WhatsApp is the best mode of the original WhatsApp available so far. Many new features not already present in previous versions are available in this latest version. Worthwhile to download will give an amazing look to your WhatsApp with colorful themes and attractive Emoji. This mod comes with enhanced privacy options which include hiding blue tick, second tick, typing, and recording. In addition, options to hide online status and last active are also present.

To make your conversations attractive and colorful, download the latest version of the GM WhatsApp APK. You will enjoy every second of your messing journey with this mod.

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