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RC YOWhatsapp APK

RC YOWhatsApp APK is a modified version of the original WhatsApp which is based on  YO WhatsApp. In this WhatsApp, you will experience some new and amazing features that are not available on Whatsapp and also in official WhatsApp. This mod is popular because of its unique interface iOS WhatsApp. If you love to have an iOS WhatsApp user interface then this mod is for you. Now you can enjoy iOS WhatsApp on your Android device by installing the RC YOWhatsapp APK mod. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the features and functionalities of RC YOWhatsapp APK.

Communication is the key part to grow any business. RC YoWhatsapp is the best communication app that you can use for business purposes. You can use this mod to chat with anyone, explore great ideas, and build your own business. RC YOWhatsapp also helps to keep your relationship strong with your friends and family.

App NameRC YOWhatsapp APK
Size70 MB
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Latest Version of RC YoWhatsApp APK


Features of RC YOWhatsapp APK

Some features of RC YOWhatsapp APK are described below.

  • RC YOWhatsApp APK comes with an in-built iOS user interface which is a great feature loved by many WhatsApp users
  • The updated version of RC YOWhatsapp APK is an Anti-ban mod
  • You will have access to many great themes to decorate your WhatsApp according to your personality
  • The anti-Revoke Messages feature is the most useful feature that is available in the RC YOWhatsapp APK
  • Anti-delete status of this mod allows you the deleted WhatsApp statuses of your contacts
  • This mod contains an In-built status download feature with which you can download the WhatsApp statuses of your contacts
  • RC YOWhatsApp APK users can hide or freeze their last seen status
  • Airplane mode or DND mode is available in RC YOWhatsapp APK
  • The latest version of RC YOWhatsapp contains an auto-reply feature
  • The message scheduler option which allows you to schedule messages is available in RC YOWhatsapp APK
  • The updated version of RC YOWhatsapp APK comes with improved performance and enhanced privacy options which include hiding blue tick, second tick, typing status, and voice recording status during a WhatsApp conversation
  • RC YOWhatsApp APK provides its users with access to amazing customization options such as you can choose your favorite theme and apply, set a unique background wallpaper, select your language, use your favorite font style, and set the size of the font according to your need
  • RC YOWhatsApp APK allows its users to clear their chat history
  • You can use stickers, Emojis, and GIFs to make your WhatsApp conversations effective and interesting
  • You can make a voice call and video call any time with your RC YoWhatsapp
  • The backup Feature is available in RC YOWhatsapp APK

RC YOWhatsapp APK Pure

Some Features of RC YOWhatsapp in Detail

Here is the detail of some important features of RC YOWhatsapp APK.

Anti-Ban Mod

The anti-Ban feature is a most useful feature that is available in RC YOWhatsapp APK. Anti-ban means if you are using RC YOWhatsapp, your account will not be blocked by the official WhatsApp, so you can use this mod without any fear.

iOS User Interface

The most famous feature of RC YOWhatsapp APK is the iOS user interface that is loved by the majority of WhatsApp. This feature is available In-built in the latest version of this mod. So, now you can enjoy the iOS user interface WhatsApp on your Android device by using this mod.

Multiple Unique Themes

If you have gotten bored by using the same theme of your WhatsApp for so long, you need to switch to RC YOWhatsapp APK. This mod provides you with access to 150+ unique and amazing themes. You can download and install your favorite theme and make your UI (User Interface) more cool and beautiful. It improvises your user experience of WhatsApp. Using unique themes will also have a great impact on your friends.

Anti-Revoke Message Option

The anti-Revoke message option is a very useful option available in RC YOWhatsapp APK. This feature allows you to view and read all those messages that your friend sent to you and then delete them for everyone before you can view them. However, now you cannot only view those deleted messages but also reply to them.

Anti-Delete Status Feature

RC YOWhatsApp APK cones with an Anti-delete status feature which allows you to view the WhatsApp statuses of your contacts that they have deleted before you can view them. But with this feature, not only you can view those deleted WhatsApp statuses but also reply to them.

WhatsApp Status Downloader

There is an in-built status downloader in RC YOWhatsapp APK with which you can download the statuses and stories of your WhatsApp contacts without notifying them. Moreover, you do not need any third-party app to download WhatsApp statuses if you are using RC YOWhatsapp APK.

Hide or Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp

There is an option in RC YOWhatsapp APK with which you can hide or freeze your last seen on WhatsApp. In this way, you will be shown offline to your contacts even if you are online. You can continue using WhatsApp without being disturbed while freezing your last seen.

DND Mode

RC YOWhatsApp APK comes with DND mode or Airplane mode which allows you to become completely offline on WhatsApp while you can still use all the other apps on your phone. When you enable DND mode, it appears that your data connection is off while you still can use other apps on the internet without being disturbed by WhatsApp messages or calls.

Auto-Reply and Message scheduler

Auto-Reply and message scheduler are the two best and most useful features of RC YOWhatsapp APK which save your time and friendship by replying automatically and sending scheduled messages on selected dates and times.

Installation Guide

Here is the detailed installation guide which will help you to install RC YOWhatsapp APK on your Android device without any trouble.

  • To install RC YOWhatsapp APK, first of all, allow unknown sources from the settings in your device
  • Install the latest version of the APK file of RC YOWhatsapp from the download link available in this article
  • Locate the downloaded APK file of RC YOWhatsapp APK from the file manager of your device and click on it to install it
  • Wait for some time until the installation process RC YOWhatsapp APK is complete
  • Once the installation of RC YOWhatsapp is done, fill all the required fields, complete the verification process through OTP and start using your RC YOWhatsapp app


Q2. Is it safe to use RC YOWhatsapp APK?

Answer. Yes, it is completely safe to use RC YOWhatsapp because it does not contain any virus or malicious code.


We have discussed all the features of RC YOWhatsapp APK in this article. If you love using the iOS interface, this mod is for you because it contains all the features of iPhone WhatsApp. It is safe and secure to use and offers a wide range of customization options.

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